Thursday, June 18, 2009

Floral Tiles

This 2-tile (6" tiles) picture is available loose or mounted, ready to frame.

A four-tile (all 6" tiles) picture also ready for mounting and framing, or embedding in a counter-top or wall.

This is a 6" old fashioned rose inspired by Mary Lena's Rose...see my blog "A Colorful World" and check the archives. This was one of the tiles I recently sold, but it can be recreated (in any color).


Jo Castillo said...

These are both great. I especially like the vase.

The Tile Lady said...

Thanks...this was a bouquet of sunflowers my Mom had that became a "painting" challenge. My uncle and my cousin both painted pictures of it (which different results, of course) and I was to also do a painting. I decided instead to do the tile picture, and was particularly happy with the way the vase turned out, as well. It was not blue in real life, and that was my own artistic interpretation. :-)